Erin loves Jesus.  

It is Erin's complete and utter joy to serve Him and His Church in any way possible. From setting up sound equipment and giving out rides to preaching, teaching, and worship leading, Erin's goal is obedience to Christ and service to the Church.

Erin believes that saving faith in Jesus compels believers to participate in a life of holy submission and love, which is only made possible through the power of the Holy Spirit.  Her life's call is to empower believers to lead yielded lives in order to maximize Holy Spirit power every day.

Erin faithfully serves as Worship and Teaching Pastor at East End Fellowship in Richmond, VA.  It's the best church in the world, no questions asked.  She's also a member of a really cool band called Urban Doxology - a ministry passionate about Jesus and justice, in that order.  

 Her favorite things to do include Spades, Monopoly, dominating loved ones in all games and contests, and watching large amounts of movies and television. 

This biography could go on and on, but the most important thing to know about Erin is what you read in the first line.